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Maize (Zea mays)

MaizeTraitGenetics has selected more than 500 high quality microsatellite markers distributed throughout the maize genome that can be used in routine marker analyses. These markers are robust and highly discriminating. The set includes the most commonly used maize microsatellites for genotyping and variety identification. Marker databases generated with this set of markers produce unique fingerprints of inbreds and hybrids for the identification and protection of germplasm. With additional microsatellite markers that are available for genotyping we can provide marker-assisted backcross services.

Concerning SNP markers, TraitGenetics has considerable experience in the identification of SNPs and haplotypes from maize genes for association genetics and marker-assisted selection. Interesting candidate genes can be amplified quickly from individual maize lines through the development of specific amplification primers followed by PCR and comparative sequencing of breeding material. Using this approach, TraitGenetics has identified over 50 000 SNPs in over 5 000 maize genes. Molecular markers can be developed and validated for a variety of SNP genotyping platforms including Pyrosequencing, TaqMan, SNPlex and Illumina's GoldenGate assay. Currently, for medium to high throughput SNP genotyping in maize, TraitGenetics has developed and validated over 1000 highly polymorphic SNPs, distributed over 22 SNPlex multiplexes with 48 markers each and Illumina GoldenGate multiplexes (384plexes and 1536plexes).

To expand its marker portfolio in the area of maize SNP analysis, TraitGenetics is currently identifying SNP markers in several thousand additional maize genes with the specific aim of identifying such markers that have a high polymorphism information content specifically in commercial maize breeding material and the subsequent development of individual and multiplex assays based on SNP and haplotype information.

TraitGenetics has experience in the extraction and marker-assisted selection of large maize breeding populations and marker-assisted backcross analysis to recover the recurrent parent genome within a shorter timeframe than with conventional breeding.


Active Image

Haplotype identification for a maize gene in a panel of inbred lines

 Allele frequency distribution

 Allele frequency distribution of our 1000 SNPlex markers in 192 current maize breeding lines

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