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Sugar beet (Beta vulgaris)
Sugar Beet
In last years, TraitGenetics has accumulated considerable know-how in the area of sugar beet marker analysis. This includes the development of microsatellite and SNP analysis as well as marker-assisted selection within large breeding populations.
Within GABI-Beet and other projects, TraitGenetics has developed in collaboration with academic partners and breeding companies through comparative sequencing and haplotype analysis more than 500 microsatellite and SNP markers that have been mapped onto the 9 chromosomes of sugar beet.
For a representative set of these markers, we have developed multiplexed SNPlex assays (40-48plex) for the cost-efficient characterization of germplasm, breeding material and segregating populations in sugar beet through services by TraitGenetics. Furthermore, for many of the multiplexed markers we have developed Pyrosequencing assays for individual marker analysis.
SNP identification in sugar beet

We have also developed know-how regarding the analysis of candidate genes for breeding purposes and the establishment of markers for such genes through comparative sequencing, SNP identification and haplotype analysis. Specific regions of the sugar beet genome can be saturated with molecular markers through use of a BAC library.

Analysis of haplotypes in a sugar beet gene

GABI-Beet consensus map for sugar beet chromosome 4 (on the left side all mapped markers with the developed SNPlex markers in red). On the right side, all SNPlex markers for which individual SNP markers have been developed (in blue)
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