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Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum)
Tomato Tomato is one of the most important vegetables and well-known for its low level of polymorphism in cultivated germplasm and breeding material. For variety identification and germplasm characterization, TraitGenetics has a set of more than 100 validated microsatellite markers available which permit differentiation between more than 95% of all tomato varieties. 

Furthermore, TraitGenetics has analyzed more than 5.000 tomato genes for genetic variation. Through comparative sequencing of individual lines and DNA pools, SNPs have been discovered in current tomato breeding material. Specifically, data are available that provide information regarding the allele frequency of each identified SNP in the different classes of tomato such as cherry-type tomato, regular fresh market tomato, beef–type tomato and processing-type tomato. Individual markers sets are being developed for specific tomato types that show a high polymorphism information content and have a high value for tomato breeding.
From this database, we have assembled and validated SNPlex 48plexes for high throughput SNP genotyping. All of these are available for custom analysis at TraitGenetics. We can also provide assistance concerning other aspects of tomato genome analysis such as map-based cloning and candidate gene analysis.
Sequenzalignment Tomato

Example of a sequence alignment derived from a tomato gene containing SNPs 

                   Number of identified SNPs
Number of identified SNPs in 2.500 sequenced tomato amplicons
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