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Besides the major crop plants and vegetables, TraitGenetics also offers marker service for a number of additional important field crop, vegetable and ornamental species. Three examples are described here. In general, the same approaches for SNP and microsatellite marker development are applicable for all plant species worldwide.


Active ImageCucumber belongs to the oldest cultivated vegetables and is grown all over the world. Currently, TraitGenetics is testing a number of cucumber microsatellite markers for the selection of high quality markers for the analysis of genetic diversity and other applications, e.g. variety differentiation and genetic distance analysis. Additionally, we started a pilot study for the identification of SNP´s in a set of varieties and lines representing a wide range of the genetic variability of cucumber.




SoybeanSoybean is an important oil and protein crop in North and South America as well as in Asia. TraitGenetics offers genotyping analysis with a selection of high quality and polymorphic microsatellite markers for variety differentiation. Currently our major activities in soybean are focused on the identification and verification of SNPs. A number of useful SNPs was identified demonstrating the potential of the SNP marker technique in soybean. 


 This beautiful ornamental plant is popular in parks and gardens, but rarely the topic of research projects in the lab. Nevertheless, molecular markers are of great benefit for the selection and identification of breeding lines and genotypes in this highly variable plant species. TraitGenetics offers genotyping analyses with a selection of high quality and polymorphic microsatellite markers for differentiation of lines and varieties.



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