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Efficient (bio)informatics is now an indispensable tool in all areas of molecular marker development and analysis. Large sets of data have to be stored and be prepared for complex analyses. The bioinformatics team at TraitGenetics has established many routines in the area of marker development and frequently in interaction with our customers for breeding applications. Some examples in theses fields are:

  • Molecular marker databases with SSR and SNP data
  • Genotyping data processing, storage and analysis
  • Data analysis, automatic quality checking and troubleshooting in such databases
  • Data transformation for storage and data management
  • Interface programming for data transfer between bioinformatic program packages 

Furthermore, we have a wide variety of experience in the area of general bioinformatics such as:

  • SSR & SNP Mining from public and proprietary data sources
  • Optimized SSR primer design with high success rates
  • Candidate gene identification and characterization
  • Sequence assembly of ESTs and generation of unigene sets
  • BAC assembly and gene identification
  • Simplex and multiplex assay design for various SNP assay systems with very high success rates (e.g. Pyrosequencing, SNPlex, Illumina)
  • Haplotype analysis based on sequence and marker data
  • Generation and quality control of high density genetic maps
  • Projection of mapping data onto physical mapping data and genome sequencing data

Through our experiments with various next-generation sequencing technologies we have developed a bioinformatic data processing platform capable of analyzing 454, Illumina and SOLiD with the specific aim of SNP identification and validation.


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