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Selected list of publications

(since 2000, TG staff is underlined)


Ramsay, L., Macaulay, M., degli Ivanissevich, S., MacLean, K., Cardle, L., Fuller, J., Edwards, K.J., Tuvesson, S., Morgante, M., Massari, A., Maestri, E., Marmiroli, N., Sjakste, T., Ganal, M., Powell, W., Waugh, R.: A simple sequence repeat-based linkage map of barley. Genetics 156: 1997-2005 (2000).


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Winter A., Krämer, W., Werner, F., Kollers, S., Kata, S., Durstewitz, G., Buitkamp, J., Womack, J., Thaller, G., Fries, R.: Association of a lysine232alanine polymorphism in a bovine gene encoding acylCoA:diacylglycerol acyltransferase (DGAT1) with variation at a quantitative trait locus for milk fat content. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 99: 9300-9305 (2002).


Trendelenburg, G., Prass, K., Priller, J., Kapinya, K., Polley, A., Muselmann, C., Ruscher, K., Kannbley, U., Schmitt, A.O., Castell, S., Wiegand, F., Meisel, A., Rosenthal A., Dirnagl, U.: Serial analysis of gene expression identifies metallothionein-II as major neuroprotective gene in mouse focal cerebral ischemia. J. Neurosci. 22: 5879-5888 (2002).


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Li, C., Liu, G., Lee, G.I., Bauer, P., Ling, H.Q., Ganal, M.W., Howe, G.A.: The tomato suppressor of prosystemin-mediated responses 2 gene encodes a fatty acid desaturase required for the biosynthesis of jasmonic acid and the production of a systemic wound signal for defense gene expression. Plant Cell 15: 1646-1661 (2003).


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Schornak, S., Ballvora, A., Gürlebeck, D., Peart, J., Baulcombe, D., Ganal, M., Baker, B., Bonas, U., Lahaye, T.: The tomato resistance protein Bs4 is a predicted non-nuclear TIR-NB-LRR protein that mediates defense responses to severely truncated derivatives of AvrBs4 and overexpressed AvrBs3. Plant J. 37: 46-60 (2004).


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